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July 14th, the day Shion disappeared

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[This first message appears just an hour after Shion left to go to the cafeteria.]
How much time are you planning on spending in the cafeteria?
Isn't it closed?

[When Shion doesn't respond right away:]
Did I upset you that much? Don't ignore me.
This isn't funny.
Shion, it's getting late.
I'm going to go to sleep without you. You remember where we're sleeping tonight, right?
Hurry up.

[And long after they should have gone to sleep already:]

[After wandering around the entire school in the middle of the night when it's most dangerous:]
At least tell me you're okay.
I'm sorry.

[The messages finally stop coming in. Nezumi has realized that Shion is nowhere, but then there's one more, dated almost three weeks later at 4AM during one of his sleepless nights:]
I miss you.