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I'm so thankful that I met you.

More than anything, I'm afraid of losing you.

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Name:Shion 「紫苑」
Birthdate:Sep 7
Location:No.6, West Block

"Even if you laugh at me or look down on me, those are my true feelings."
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as many mentions of nezumi's eyes as possible, asking questions, assessing nezumi's attractiveness while in danger, attempts at strangulation, being alive, being equals, being thankful, biting noses, books, casual shirt stripping, casually staring at nezumi, cherry cake, coffee, conversations consisting entirely of 'nezumi', ecology, endless curiosity, following nezumi, hot cocoa, inopportune smiling, inukashi, karan, keeping promises, learning about nezumi, learning new things, making vows, mental poetry, mice, monologuing at inopportune times, musing about nezumi's gorgeousness, never being subtle, nezumi, nezumi nezumi nezumi, nezumi's elegant movements, nezumi's everything basically, nezumi's eyes, nezumi's eyes again, nezumi's eyes brimming with vitality, nezumi's eyes like the calm surface of the ocean, nezumi's eyes like the dawn, nezumi's eyes sucking him in, nezumi's fingers, nezumi's gorgeousness, nezumi's light but dark eyes, nezumi's lustrous gray eyes, nezumi's voice, no more good night kisses, no subtext here, no.6, not celery, not climbing corpses, not randomly dying, not while the mice are watching, ooh mister nezumi ooh, opening a third path, puppies, reading, reminiscing, ridiculously gay monologues, rikiga, safu, saving everyone!!!!, screaming in typhoons, shakespeare, staying human, subconscious memorization, surviving, suturing gunshot wounds, tatarian asters, the rainbows don't mean anything, the simple pleasures in life, the straightest official art, throwing mugs at rikiga's head, time for another monologue, typhoons, unintentional straightforwardness, unnatural occurrences, wow thanks elyurias, writing mental poetry, さすが紫苑, ネズミ (*´д`)ハァハァ, 再会を必ず, 天使苑, 天然陛下, 紫苑マジ天使
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